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Q. Who can take the online course?

A. Early years workers, assistants, educators, musicians, parents, childminders and anyone with an interest in music with young children and babies.  

Q. How much do the courses cost?

A. The Series Part 1 is FREE, consisting of Course 1 and Course 2

The Series Part 2 is £390 when Course 3, 4 and 5 are purchased together. 

When purchased on it’s own;

Course 3 is £60

Course 4 is £140

Course 5 £260

Q. Are you offering any discounts?

A. Yes, we are offering a limited introductory offer of 50% for Part 1 and 25% off for Part 2.

Q. How long is the course?

A. Students are advised to engage in the suggested practical activities so as to fully understand what each module is about. This means that the approximate timings may be longer than anticipated, and depends on the student’s commitment to the suggested options. 

The first three courses can be completed in approximately 3 hours.

The fourth and fifth course take up to 5 hours to complete as these are practical, requiring participation. 


Q. Can I access the course on my phone or tablet

A. Yes. 


Q. What language are the courses delivered in?

A. Courses are offered in English.


Q. Are the courses delivered live or pre-recorded?

A. Courses are pre-recorded. 

Q. How are the courses assessed?



Q. Do you get any freebies with the course?

A. Lots! Students get downloadable songs and rhymes, downloadable resources relating to the topic of study. For those signing up to all five courses there will be the option to receive an internationally recognised certificate from CPD ( )

Continued support via email and webinars will be on offer for fee-paying students. This is just the beginning! 

Q. How do I enrol?

A.  Just follow these simple steps:

1.     Click “Our Courses” on the menu bar. 

2.    Click on the 'Enrol now' button on the course you would like to enrol in to 

        This will take you to Teachable

3.     Click on “Enrol now” 

4.     Fill in the questions and "Buy Now"

Q. Do you need a Teachable account to take the course?

A. No. Once you register you will be given login details and off you go! 


Q. How do I access my course?

A. You will have your own login via Teachable

Q. How do I contact technical support during my course?

A. Please email with any questions.


Q. Are the courses accredited or licensed by educational organizations?

A. Currently all courses are assigned to Music House for Children, a registered school (since 1994) based in London, UK. 

If students sign up to all 5 courses they will be given an internationally recognised certificated accredited by CPDUK. 

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