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 Teach with Music

What is Included?

FREE Introductory Course

  • Understand the significance of music in the developing child​

  • Gain practical ideas for musical play

  • Learn about and gain ideas for nurturing life skills through music

  • Available forever!

Professional Groups 

  • Connect with like-minded home carers around the world

  • Shared, discuss and exchange learning experiences

  • Lifetime access to global community


Musical Forum

  • Enjoy practical musical examples each month​

  • Retain lifetime access

  • Shared professional development and exchange

Develop your skills to nurture Music, Communication and Life Skills in babies and young children.

Why Teach with Music?

Musical Skills

  • Develop accessible music skills to nurture early development through play

  • Music is joyful for children, babies and you!

Early Motor Ability

  • Musical play in movement develops early motor skills

  • Musical play encourages creative indoor/outdoor adventures

Communication and Speech

  • Musical games generates un-pressured early vocalising

  • Sound play encourages positive interaction between child and carer

  • Enhances creative storytelling through musical play

Supports Additional Needs

  • Musical ideas focus on young children's strengths

  • Nurtures early characteristics and personal confidence

  • Provides

    accessible ideas to help bond with, and understand their children

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