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Music For Language Development

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Did you know that uttering silly sounds is a prerequisite to language? When babies make farty sounds or follow wiggly finger in vocal play, they are unconsciously strengthening cognitive ability for later speech function. With up to 36 muscles used in speech, a lot of work is involved!

Play sound exploration often takes place in social contexts. Many are imbued with emotional exchange - witness a dad gently patting his child's mouth as playful sounds emerge. These sounds are precipitated by deeply personal, shared humour. Sound-play by its nature is musical with pitch and rhythmical contours akin to songs and rhymes.

People caring for very young children can do much to support their children in developing skills in language via musical word play, nursery rhymes and playful songs, all brought to life in creative adventure with movement and a few simple resources.

Bring our European children together through musical play to support collaborative, respectful communication. For our futures. Here is a little example for you to enjoy with your children with language at the helm.

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