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Emma Hutchinson, Founder and CEO developed Music House Courses from 30+ years of experience as an early childhood music educator and researcher. Her approach focuses on nurturing early music, communication and developmental skills through teaching accessible music skills and resources.

Since 2002 Emma has trained hundreds of childminders, educators and musicians at her school Music House for Children, and in early years settings around the UK and in Malta, Lebanon and Hong Kong. 


Music House Courses was founded to provide affordable, flexible, learning, particularly for people working in remote communities or with limited budgets. We support people working with, and caring for babies, toddlers, young children and children with additional needs and language delay.  


Emma Hutchinson


Emma’s music career spans nearly 30 years. Despite early deafness, she studied music and dance and founded her music school in London, UK.

Emma’s research and teaching work confirms that multimodal approachs combined with pedagogical know-how in early childhood communication and learning impacts positively.

Emma continues to develop practical music training courses to provide ideas, strategies and resources to engage with, and develop music, language, learning and life skills in babies and young children.


Emma is widely respected for her continued passion in the field of research and practice, and has a particular interest children with additional needs and language delay.

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Founder and CEO

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