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Music House Courses

Understanding Music in Early Childhood
A pedagogical approach to nurturing skills & language in infants and young children 

Music House Courses offers our professional development series, Developing Life Skills through Music, to early years educators teaching our holistic approach to music education. We use music to develop music and fundamental skills in babies, young children and those with additional needs and language delay. Our courses require no previous music training. We  provide requisite skills to teach music to this age group. Our courses are offered to childminders, educators, musicians and parents. Join our mailing list to keep in touch with latest releases!

Developing Life Skills

The Developing Life Skills through Music Series

Our Two Part series is designed for early years educators regardless of musical background. Students include Childminders and Babysitters; Nursery and Pre-School educators; Summer Camp Providers and more. By purchasing our courses students will receive many free downloads and lifetime access to the Music House Courses educational community. Our courses do not require a subscription and/or licensing fees

Couse Part 1
 Isabella & instruments.JPG


1. Introduction to Music with Babies & Young Children.

2. Approaches to Music in Early Childhood.  

Part One in this series comprises 2 courses and covers the the basics of music in early childhood. Part One is perfect for students of all levels and is a great place to begin your early childhood music journey.


Course 1 explores the significance of music in young lives and the role that music plays in nurturing early development, musicality, and language.


Course 2 introduces four popular approaches to music in early childhood and shares good practice and video examples of earliest music, language and cognitive development.

These courses are only available FREE OF CHARGE so you can see what our courses are like. Click the button below to Enroll Now

Cours Part 2


1. Safety in Musical Play
2. Understanding Musical Play
3. Musical Play in Practice 

Part Two in this series comprises 3 courses covering all aspects of music in detail to support students in understanding, reflecting, trialling and applying musical ideas to children in their care. Part Two is recommended for students who have completed Part 1, or already have an understanding of music with young children.


1. Safety in Practice explains in detail how young children's music making can be enabled, encouraged and enjoyed in safe, creative ways. This course provides valuable ideas on useful resources to create a safe musical space for children to explore and engage musically together.


2. Understanding Musical Play introduces musical terms with lots of practical examples to try. The importance of using all the senses to engage musically is explored with excellent resources shared to help you bring activities to life, particularly when involving other areas of learning such as counting and communicating.Students will benefit from real life video examples to reflect on, and take notes.

3. Musical Play in Practice provides all the resources and tools that students need to engage with, and teach music to their children and babies. The practical videos and downloadable resources provide practical suggestions to try out together with an outstanding repertoire of songs and rhymes to build a music library for all.

These courses are available individually or as a complete set of three, totaling £460 when purchased alone. When purchased as a complete set, students receive a 15% discount to £390.




This video example introduces the first course in our series


Early Year's Student from 

Malta University

"I learnt that music can be taught with basically everything, and music is a holistic opportunity for the children to develop"

Early Years Educator


"I found the course very well placed in its content. The videos and the writing together makes the course more interactive and quicker to absorb for someone like me with dyslexia."

Early Years Music Educator


"It was very relevant. The activities are a good way to utilise what you've learned in a practical context, and the songs that are taught in the videos are ones I have found really effective in practice."
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