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Musical skills to foster early development & communication

"Emma shows us how we can use all sorts of resources to work into the structure of lessons. I would highly recommend her courses to you. She has spent many years developing face-to-face training to the online platform. They will be a huge source of inspiration."

Charlotte Leng Head of Primary Music, British International School, Malaysia

Strengthen your Skills

Realise and understand musical ability that you already possess.             

Enhance routine activities with musical ideas.

Communication and learning developed through musical play.

Enhance Early Development

Discover accessible music skills to support play and learning.

Monthly Musical Blog

Contribute to a monthly blog packed with musical ideas, songs, insights and articles.

At Your Own Pace

Anytime, anywhere, access  literature,  songs, rhymes, videos and practical examples.




Introducing Music with 
Babies & Young Children  

  • A free introduction to music in early development

  • Shares examples of babies intrinsic musicality

  • Showing how music can be an accessible skill

  • Examples of practice, resources and downloads



Musical Beginnings

  • An in-depth course showing how music is intrinsic to babies even before birth

  • Shares video examples and practical ideas

  • Packed with interactive activities and resources

  • A pedagogical approach to musical play

  • Provides musical skills to encourage early responses

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Already enrolled on our courses?

The Musical Bog

Musical Blog

Check out our blog! Regularly updated with guests invited to provide their musical stories from around the world. 

Packed with tips, tricks and suggestions to immerse musical play and to tease out learning and playful responses in young children, babies and children with additional needs. 

Partners & Endorsements

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