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A Full Course in Just 30 Days for £30/$38

A limited-time offer for the 30 nannies to save over £250/$270

Course Objectives

Teach Foundational Skills

Skills including, language, physical, and socio-emotional development

Bring Storytelling to Life

Make routine activities such as tidying up, getting dressed and eating more fun and relevant

Grow Musical Skills

Build your musical skills through relevant practical examples

Join our 30-Day Challenge for £30/$38

Course Overview

A 30-day course costing just £30/$38! A savings of over £250/$300!

Teach With Music Part 1

Begin Your Musical Journey


Teach With Music Part 2

Accessible Skills With Music

  • Strengthens and builds musical skills

  • Packed with interactive activities and resources

  • A pedagogical approach to musical play

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Join our 30-Day Challenge for £30/$38

Strengthen your Skills

Teach With Music

Meet our founder, try our approach and learn accessible music skills to support your children.

Monthly Musical Blog

Lifetime access to our monthly blog of musical ideas, songs, insights and articles.

Self Paced Course

An interactive self-paced course wih peers across the globe

Join our 30-Day Challenge for £30/$38


Course Objectives

Introduction to Music

Students will get an introduction to musical terms and grow their musical ability

Craft Musical Activites

Students will be able to craft musical activities that suit their child's needs and teach foundational skills

Understanding of Additional Needs

Students will learn to create activities through a framework that supports children with additional needs

Join our 30-Day Challenge for £30/$38

The Musical Bog

Musical Blog

Gain access to our Musical Blog for the duration of the challenge.  

Completion of challenge will give you another 30 days of access to our Musical Blog

Everyone who signs up will receive access to a select group of free articles every month. FOREVER.

Join our 30-Day Challenge for £30/$38

Emma Hutchinson

Emma founded Music House Courses to make her practical training available online, accessible and affordable for people working and caring for babies and young children. With over 30 years experience in the field, her company has expanded to include an educational platform to encourage interactive participation.


Emma holds a Masters in Early Childhood Education from Birmingham City University, UK. 

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Student Accolades 

"I found the courses very well placed in its content. The videos and the writing together makes the course more interactive and quicker to absorb for someone like me with dyslexia."

Music House Courses Student, 2022


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